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Pembuatan Keramik Termistor NTC FCASTO Berbahan Dasar Mineral Rarosit

Kode : 824
Jenis Penelitian : Hibah Pekerti
Metode Penelitian : SURVEY
Tahun Penelitian : 2006
Sumber Dana : DIKTI
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Abstract.  The effect
of TiO2 addition on the characteristics of ZnFe2O4
ceramics for NTC thermistors have been studied.  The ceramics were produced by pressing a
homogeneous mixture of ZnO, Fe3O4 and TiO2
(0-0.75 weight %) powders in appropriate proportions to produce ZnFe2O4
based ceramics and sintering the pressed powder at 1200oC for 2
hours in furnace air. Electrical characterization was done by measuring
electrical resistivity of thesintered 
ceramics at various temperatures from 25oC to 100oC.
Microstructure and structural analyses were also carried out by using optical
microscopy and x-ray diffraction (XRD), respectively. The XRD analyses showed
that the ZnFe2O4 ceramics having crystal structure of
cubic spinel have been well produced. According to the electrical data, it was
known that the TiO2 addition increased the thermistor constant (B)
and the room temperature electrical resistivity (
rRT). The
value of B and
rRT of the
produced ZnFe2O4 based-ceramics fitted those for market
requirement. The best performance for thermistor with low room temperature
resistivity was shown by the ceramic added with 0.25 weight % TiO2.


Key words: Thermistor,
NTC, ZnFe2O4, TiO2

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