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Transpormasi Pembelajaran Bahasa inggris di Sekolah Dasar Melalui Implementasi Pembelajaran Grammer yang ramah anak,

Kode : 853/B
Jenis Penelitian : Kompetitif
Metode Penelitian : SURVEY
Tahun Penelitian : 2009
Sumber Dana : UTU UPI

This study reports on the implementation of the M-U-F framework for teaching grammar in a child-friendly way. This M-U-F framework which stands for meaning, use, and form was conducted at grade 4 of an elementary school in the southern part of Bandung. The study was aimed at investigating (1) the strengths and challenges that occurred when designing lesson plans, implementing the framework in the class, and assessing studentsí learning progress; and (2) teachers and studentsí perceptions towards the implementation of the framework. The study was an interpretative research which employed observation, interview and document analysis to collect data. The results indicated that teachers were more aware of building relevant contexts in teaching a certain language focus for their young students. They also provided the students with variety of communicative activities and meaningful as well as interesting media so that the students had more opportunities to practice and use the language focus. There were also more opportunities to administer child-friendly assessment such as observation and contextual written test. These efforts allowed more students took part actively in the class and were willing to take risk and experiment with the language. The study also revealed that there were some challenges faced by the teachers related to their English proficiency and their ability in managing a big class effectively. The study recommended that schools and higher institutions participated in providing the teachers with trainings and necessary facilities to support the implementation of a child-friendly teaching and learning.         


Keywords: M-U-F framework, grammar teaching, contexts, classroom management

Kata kunci : Bandung
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